INOVIO products are developed by Tactica Management s.r.o., and supplied by INOVIO Direct s.r.o.

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Our goal was to develop software focused on supporting business processes, that would correspond in both concept and price to the practice of medium-sized companies and organizations.
We systematically study and apply the needs of our customers so that we do not have to force them to follow new procedures. Instead, we respect existing ones as much as possible. We use our experience with automation of workflow processes, machine learning, software automation and programming of user-friendly web applications with minimal demands on the customer’s IT department.
As a small company, we combine standard professional procedures with great responsiveness to individual customer requirements. INOVIO products are ready-made, tested applications, but we can also easily adapt them to your specific needs.
We are pleased with the benefits that INOVIO products managed to bring to Czech entrepreneurs, and we are looking forward to working with you as well.
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