JAVA is your native language?

We are a team in a small company that has made a name for itself in the medium and small business market in CZ and SK and we are aiming further. We focus on developing software for business processes, which is based on INOVIO products. We all work together to provide our customers with standardized but also customized solutions. The INOVIO team is not just about work – it’s about continuously moving our customers and our reputation forward.

That’s why we are looking for the next person to fill the position:


What do we expect from you?

  • Experience in Java and React development (and of course SQL).
  • Interest in learning other technologies we use (Next.JS, Spring frameworks, Seam), maybe you will bring some new ones to us.
  • Knowledge of developer patterns.
  • Ability to work independently in collaboration with a consultant, or in a team of 2 developers and a consultant on customer projects.
  • Support our consultants with a naturally deeper knowledge of INOVIO product functionality at source code level.
  • Work and ability to effectively find information for your work in eng resources.
  • Work on existing INOVIO product and new products with enthusiasm and creativity.
  • The goal is to deliver and modify an existing INOVIO product to a customer or develop and deliver a completely new product to a customer.

What do you need:

  • Knowledge of JAVA
  • Czech language – both written and verbal
  • English language at a level to search for information

We are looking for an experienced and passionate Java developer who either has the ability to break into an existing product and become a sought-after specialist for other colleagues, or be an innovator who will find things that can be done in new ways and push us into new waters… 🙂 Both approaches are very valuable to us.

What do we offer to you:

  • The opportunity to work on the development of a brand new product with the possibility to influence its functionality.
  • You will see the results of your work on the smile of the specific customers for whom you will be changing INOVIO.
  • We offer strong support as you get started.
  • We have a boss who listens.
  • We budget for the purchase of hardware and home office equipment according to your preferences.
  • Truly varied work and variety in assignments.
  • The opportunity to become an expert in INOVIO products.
  • Opportunity for continuous professional growth and development.
  • Work from anywhere.
  • Work on sw for digitizing business processes, sw automation.
  • Working in a small team of professionals who love their work, which is why we have low turnover.

Do you want to join and be part of our team and create, so the future of corporate technology? E-mail, we’ll be in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!



Do you want to automate your clients’ business processes?

We are a team in a small company that has built its name in the market of medium and small companies in CZ and SK. We focus on the development of software for business processes based on INOVIO products. We all work together to provide our customers with standardized but also customized solutions. INOVIO Direct is not just about work – it’s about moving our customers and our reputation forward. And because there are thirteen of us, but we want to be fourteen, we’re looking for another colleague to fill the position:


Do you want to become an expert in DMS and workflow products from the INOVIO family?
Do you like to see that what you do gets results with clients?
Do you have demonstrable results that we can verify?

Yes? Then we are looking for you!

What will your tasks be?

Communicating with the customer – you will get configuration or product development requests for the customer, who will also call you if they have a problem.
Product configuration – you have a detailed knowledge of INOVIO products and the customer’s needs, so you will set up the INOVIO product according to what the customer needs.
People collaboration – you will be the coordinator of the team’s efforts at the customer and our team.
Customer training – you will show what you put together to our customer and teach them.

Your deliverable will be that you will hand over the installation of a modified INOVIO product to production.

What will you need?

  • Advanced computer and internet skills – MS Word and mail will not be enough.
  • We want you to be unafraid to interact with managers, directors, accountants, IT people etc – you will be putting together the INOVIO product modifications with these people.
  • Know what an invoice, order, receipt is. 🙂

Knowledge of a foreign language is an advantage as we are expanding abroad.

Another advantage for you is if you already have some experience with economic systems.

What do we offer you?

  • A safe environment – we all chat and the boss listens.
  • An environment where you can ask anyone questions that you don’t understand.
  • A small team of people who meet once every three months for a company meeting where you won’t be missed.
  • Precise procedures for all your work.
  • The opportunity to become an expert in DMS, workflow and corporate accounting processing.
  • Participation in projects for large and well-known customers.
  • Working with effective, flexible web-based applications from INOVIO.
  • Direct customer contact where you will see what you are causing with your work.
  • And such a bonus – you can work from anywhere in the Czech Republic.

So do you want to join and be part of our team and create the future of enterprise technology? Write to, we will contact you. We look forward to hearing from you!


Computers are your hobby and you have an economic overview?

At INOVIO, our goal is to provide software solutions that clear the desks of our customers’ managers and accountants and save them time and work. We are a small company of professionals and we create great software products that we are ready to deliver faster than we can introduce.

That’s why we need an efficient, independent and creative person for the position:

SALES Consultant

We are looking for a person who will handle customer inquiries. It’s not a job about finding contacts.

  • Do you want to get into the ins and outs of our product?
  • Do you solve things quickly and efficiently?

If so, apply.

Your work will result in a closed order and a satisfied customer.

We’ll be expecting you every day:

  • Processed inquiries.
  • Dealing with customers, finding out their needs.
  • Processed quotations and presented solutions to the customer.

What you must not miss

  • Demonstrable results in previous activities.
  • Economic knowledge of company processes, that is, how accounting and economic documents travel in the company will be an advantage.
  • Excellent computer skills. For example, being able to write a complex word processing document.
  • Group B driving licence
  • Basic knowledge of AJ, be able to write an email

What do we offer you?

  • If you overcome the hard stuff at the beginning and get into the ins and outs of our product, then you will be able to gain the trust of the customer and find the best solution for them.
  • Strong support in your beginnings.
  • Work in a small team of professionals in a comfortable environment.
  • Work on projects with large and well-known customers.
  • Space to use your knowledge of business processes, confidence in online communication and technical thinking with an eye for detail.
  • The opportunity to be involved in making the work of others more efficient, saving them time and nerves.
  • To see the results of your work with the customer right away.

If you feel this could be the job for you and want to be part of a small team of professionals who deliver great software products fast, let us know!

Send your CV to Miroslav Prkna,

We will reply to everyone.

Java Developer

IS INOVIO Consultant

Sales Consultant


Why work with us?

We are a small software company and we are obsessed with developing simple and functional software solutions for our customers. While working, we prefer continuous discussions and consultations with each other, as a proper team should. However, once it is discussed, we do not delay and immediately get started.

We never leave each other in trouble and live by the motto of doing the right things right.

Together, our goal is to develop solutions that help our customers get rid of unnecessary paperwork and automate everything that can be automated.

Do you want to be a part of a growing team and develop top applications?

If you are an energetic and optimistic personality, you want to become a member of a team of software professionals and participate in creating successful products, then you are right here ?

If you’re an energetic and optimistic person, and you wish to become a member of a team full of software professionals developing successful products, then you’re in the right place ?


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