INOVIO is a digital document circulation software
that operates in the cloud or your own server.


Automatic data extraction

Document data extraction without the need of an operator

Accounting company

Productivity and satisfaction of accountants and clients

Small company

Fast delivery, tuned standard without customization

Demanding company

Customization automation

The only secure place for storage of accounting documents

You can calculate the price of INOVIO ONE here


User = the accountant and the client. You may, but don’t have to let clients into the system.
Minimum number of users is 6.
+ 500 Kč + 20 EUR / user a month
3 000 Kč 120 EUR / month

Accounting units

Included in the price

Number of documents

Included in the price


Purchase invoices

Automatic registration

Sales invoices

Issuing / Automatic registration


Automatic registration

Other documents

Contracts, obligations and document sharing between accountants and clients.
Included in the price Included in the price


Automatic data extraction

Invoices and receipts. Data extraction may be started or interrupted at any time for any accounting unit. You may also choose to switch tariffs between Rapid / Vera / No extraction
Contractual price

Connection to your accounting system

Automatic connector

Self-synchronization of documents from INOVIO with your accounting system. Starts automatically or with a press of a button. You won’t have to manually copy anything.

Installation and setup

The installation price includes the installation of INOVIO in a secure private cloud. It also includes the configuration of INOVIO according to your demands, as well as consultations (1h per module) and training.

Private cloud ?INOVIO Private cloud - We have a special INOVIO server set up just for you, and it’s on us to ensure its operation and management. It is therefore not a public cloud service.
Your own server ?You’ll have to provide a place for us on your own server or your IT service provider.
19 900 Kč 796 EUR
One-time payment

Total price without VAT

od 4 500 Kč 180 EUR / month
With a 19 900 Kč 796 EUR an agreed-upon one-time payment at the start Send this calculation to my email
Contact us before you decide if INOVIO is worth its price. We’ll arrange an online demonstration and consultation free of charge.
You can change the configuration of INOVIO at any time.

Do you need your own INOVIO configuration?

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