INOVIO Budgetary management

End of XLS tables when budgeting in the company. Create a single point of truth (SPOT). With one click, you can see the current budget and its drawdown status.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a budget department, a business center or a large contract.

Thanks to INOVIO

  • implement advanced cost management based on pre-approved cost plans
  • ensure that individual budgets are approved and the overall budget is established
  • you can control budget execution using approved orders
  • you will always see the current status of the actual drawdown according to the approved invoices received

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We invented the INOVIO system for companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and tested it on hundreds of installations and multinational companies.

Work anywhere, anytime 365 days a year

10 years on the market, 100+ installations

100% editable, we are the authors of the program

We are a Czechoslovak company

How are budgets managed at INOVIO?


Creating structured budgets

You can plan your expenses in a structured manner by chapter. Importing XLS budgets will significantly speed up your work. For individual chapters, you can (but do not have to) approve them and communicate with colleagues.


Ongoing work with the budget

With the approval of the budget, the real work is just beginning. INOVIO creates orders directly from individual budget items. You can approve orders flexibly thanks to your approval strategies, and we can set their form to meet all your procedural requirements.


Constant overview of the state of finances

During the work on the project, the orders are covered by the received invoices. One invoice can cover more than one order, but also vice versa – one order can be covered by more than one invoice.

Thanks to the “Budgeted – Drawn – Covered” model, you will get a continuous and accurate overview of the state of drawing of individual budget chapters and the entire project.

What makes INOVIO different from other cloud products?


We will install it for you anywhere, we will transfer it to another place at any time

Purchase solution

You can purchase a solution at any time

Private cloud

There are no other companies than yours in the INOVIO cloud installation


Ready for current needs and future changes in your company

Assigned consultant

Will set up INOVIO with you and will be available to you

One system, two editions



For who A small company that wants a system that will also change the company in the future A demanding company requiring customized solutions and professional services
The basic difference Fast delivery, tuned standard without custom programming A product for demanding companies that will suit you
Extensive configuration adjustments
Customization in the form of development of new functionalities
Possibility to buy the system into ownership
Private cloud operation
Possibility of operation on your own server
Possibility of data export during and after use
Integration into your accounting or ERP system
Use via web browser including mobile version
Support, maintenance and upgrades
Yes, included in the regular monthly plan, see the price list Yes, included in regular payment for support services
When will it go?
Establishment and setting of the service (hours to days) Project 6-8 weeks
Possibility to switch between editions
Transition to INOVIO DMS is possible It is not possible to switch back to INOVIO GO

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