INOVIO Cash document approval management

Scanning paper documents opens the way to real simplification and efficiency. Digitize your cash books cleverly. INOVIO is not just a substitute for cash diaries or Excel spreadsheets, but also provides functions for the approval and circulation of these small documents in the company, whether they are paid for by cash or cards.

  • registration and approval of small expenses
  • work with cash registers and monitoring payment cards
  • tracing missing invoices and recovering them from users
  • export to accounting is suitable for companies with multiple establishments, branch networks and for organizations that accept important documents in paper form.

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We have developed the INOVIO system for companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have verified it in over 100 companies, including international ones.

Work from anywhere, anytime przez 365 days a year

10 years on the market, more than 100+ companies

We are the authors of this program in 100 %

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What INOVIO can do with a receipt

Automatic extraction
Link to payment card
and card transactions
Document approval using INOVIO FlexiFlow
Recording of attachments and intra-company communication to the receipt
Connection to your accounting system
Assisted accounting
Also suitable for holding companies
Advance payments to employees
Budgeting for centers, activities and orders
Link to Fleet Management
Selectable functionality

What does the Cash document approval management from INOVIO bring?


System for all small purchases

The module registers and processes receipts, cash documents, receipts, simplified tax documents and invoices for cash up to CZK 10,000. That is, small overhead costs such as fuel purchases, office supplies, but also small expenses for orders and production.



Cash and credit card management

Define any number of cash registers and corporate payment cards. The system supports various currencies and, in addition to expenses, also income – subsidies to the treasury and the payment of advances for small expenses.



Circulation, inquiries and enforcement

You can have individual expenses justified in INOVIO. In addition, the system will help you recover missing documents and receipts from payment card users. It automatically processes bank statements, searches for and matches documents with transactions. INOVIO collects missing receipts from the relevant employees by e-mail or SMS.




You can control all your expenses. It is enough to define the procedure of their approval for individual types of documents. It is up to you whether you approve centrally, one-step, multi-step, or leave the responsibility to individual workers. You can link documents to projects, centers, activities, etc.



Export to the accounting system

INOVIO supports export to many accounting systems. Which one is yours?

What makes INOVIO different from other cloud products?


Install anywhere and move anywhere at any time

Purchase sulution

You can purchase a solution at any time

Private cloud

There are no other companies than yours in the INOVIO cloud installation


Ready for current needs and future changes in your company

Assigned consultant

Will set up INOVIO with you and will be available to you

One system, two editions



For who A small company that wants a system that will also change the company in the future A demanding company requiring customized solutions and professional services
The basic difference Fast delivery, tuned standard without custom programming A product for demanding companies that will suit you
Extensive configuration adjustments
Customization in the form of development of new functionalities
Possibility to buy the system into ownership
Private cloud operation
Possibility of operation on your own server
Possibility of data export during and after use
Integration into your accounting or ERP system
Use via web browser including mobile version
Support, maintenance and upgrades
Yes, included in the regular monthly plan, see the price list Yes, included in regular payment for support services
When will it go?
Establishment and setting of the service (hours to days) Project 6-8 weeks
Possibility to switch between editions
Transition to INOVIO DMS is possible It is not possible to switch back to INOVIO GO

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