INOVIO Contract Management

  • Document management system for contracts
  • Supports the process of creating and the registration of contracts, directives and orders
  • Intelligent for all binding documents in the company
  • Coherence with orders and purchase invoices

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All contracts in one place

Be it contracts with customers, guidelines or orders, you’ll have all binding documents at hand whenever you need them. You can view, search and filter them if you possess the right permissions for the contract. Say goodbye to paper copies for good.

Suggest, comments, approve and sign

Let INOVIO Contract Management manage the life cycle of sales agreements (purchase, bill?), work contracts, lease contracts, agent contracts, job contracts, and/or contracts with customers and suppliers. Do you want to be tidy in online, offers and other documents? Involve them in the process. Set people, appointments and deadlines to contracts, then put them out of your mind.

Your INOVIO, individual modules, or the whole package

If you decide to order one module today and the other in a month, or all at once, that’s completely up to you – INOVIO grows with you. We are constantly adding new things, and only with us you’ll have single, agreed-upon conditions.

Features and benefits

INOVIO Contract Management is an online software for recording contracts, orders, directives and other binding documents. It supports common company processes, from the creation of documents all the way through securing a signature, registration and linking to invoices. The software will be installed by us on either our server or the server of your company. There’s no need for the user to install anything, You can access our software with an internet browser from your office, home or from a work trip.

All contracts previewable and under control: fully digital and accessible online

All records of orders and contracts with your customers and subcontractors, lease agreements, contracts with mobile operators or energy suppliers are stored in a digital form, all in one place. Paper contracts are scanned and always ready to be viewed online(ready for an online preview?). If given permission, you can effectively search and filter all available data.

Effective control over the life cycle of contracts

INOVIO Contract Management keeps records of orders and contracts, including amendments, in all their versions and phases from the first concept to the final text, from when it comes into effect, to its end. The system automatically notifies you of important dates and events, and the history of contract states is easy to navigate. When in doubt, all you have to do is take a look, and you’re clear.

Real contract management

There will be no accidents. When creating a contract, you can define its commenters and approvers. You can scan a signed contract or set events for the system to monitor. After that, it’s possible to create tasks and add notes to documents in the registry.

Automatic matching with invoices

Each order and contract can be paired with a sales or a purchase invoice and vice versa. Checking compliance with the terms and conditions is effective and comfortable.

You can start within a week

We will install and explain everything within a week from your order! Don’t be afraid of never-ending configuration, testing and looking for latent problems. INOVIO Contract Management is a finished product, already verified by many successful installations. The speed of installation will be based around your preparedness alone.

Powerful set of tools
  • Access to documents online
  • Complete management over the lifecycle of contracts, from the first draft to expiration
  • Access control at the document level (creation, reading, editing, deleting)
  • Approvals and comments according to assigned authorizations.
  • Fast, full text search
  • Filter by responsible persons, categories and types of documents
  • Notifications about the state and modifications of a document or its properties
  • Change logging and a clear version management
  • Link contracts to amendments and relevant accounting documents
  • Assign tasks

What makes INOVIO Contract Management different from other competitive products?

Registers any binding documents

Matches contracts with orders and invoices

No user installation required - 100% web application

Simple and affordable solution for middle to small businesses

Cost of a typical installation

The cost of installation differs based off of the size of your team, the number of modules installed and the amount of individual adjustments. This price includes the installation, training, and configuration of the product.

Take a closer look at how this module works

We will show it to you in practice online, or in a personal meeting

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Choose your licensing model

Compare licensing models:

INOVIO server
in your possession

INOVIO private cloud
– pay as a subscription service
Basic difference You acquire ownership of the product as intangible fixed assets. INOVIO DMS operates on your own server. You rent the product and pay monthly fees. INOVIO DMS operates on our server.
Economic parameters
Licensing payments The server license is included in the price of the product. You purchase licenses for individual user accounts on an ongoing basis corresponding to your needs. You can transfer inactive licenses to other people. All licenses are valid indefinitely. Both the server license as well as the licenses for individual users are included in your regular monthly payment. You can transfer inactive licenses to other people.
Support services (choose from available service programs) Pay monthly or annually Included in the regular monthly payment.
Expenditure type Depreciations Direct payment, 100% predictable cost
Technical parameters
Installation operates on your server, users do not install anything operates on our server, users do not install anything
Need your own server Yes No
Need your own IT specialists Recommended No
More technical parameters
Integration into your other information systems Yes Yes
Data security Under your control Guaranteed in a secure cloud
Access to INOVIO DMS from anywhere Yes (according to your settings) Yes
Support for your administrator Yes No need
Backup and archiving Up to you guaranteed
Remote intervention in the case of any problems Within two days In the matter of hours
Availability of INOVIO DMS Up to you > 99,8 %*

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