Invoice, record, and document data extraction

Data extraction saves you the time you spend on data transfer and thus you and your team have time for more important activities. It makes the whole process much quicker and helps you eliminate any possible mistakes.

The INOVIO data extraction package includes:

  • A reliable OCR tool for data recognition
  • Data extraction of invoices, receipts, orders, and similar documents
  • Connection with your accounting programme or the ERP system
  • Storage for your extracted documents, either on your server or in our Cloud
  • Price from 6,50 CZK per document
  • You pay only for the documents, not for their attachments
  • The correctness of the automatic data extraction can be checked by trained operators
  • You can use invoice data extraction as a separate specialised service with no entry fee; additional services include invoice and order approval, contract recording, cash flow monitoring or other digital company processes.

Which type data extraction is right for you?

At the heart of every data extraction process, there are OCR algorithms, i.e., the optical character recognition by elements of artificial intelligence. There are many suppliers of these technologies, and this field keeps evolving at a rapid rate. We’re independent, which is why we can provide you with solutions by different suppliers, which also include data checks by Czech operators.



The principle Fully automated data extraction by artificial intelligence Automatic data extraction with verification of document by a Czech-speaking operator
Who it is for Suitable for customers with hundreds of invoices a month and accounting offices For customers to whom productivity matters most
Accuracy 90 % (CZ, DE, ENG, SK) 95 % (all european languages)
The duration from sending the email to the completion of the extraction cca 60 minutes 4 h – next working day
Digital storage of documents included (your server / cloud)
Input PDF, JPG (photo), PNG, TIFF PDF (upon request JPG, Office)
Permanent storage of extracted documents Cloud / Your server Cloud / Your server
Connects to your accounting system
Eliminates the need for manual checks between the invoice and the accounting system
Invoice item extraction
Receipt and cash receipt extraction
Order extraction

Do you want to extract data differently?

Contact us. We have a 4th method of data extraction.

Interconnected accounting systems

INOVIO will upload extracted invoices to your accounting system, either automatically or with a press of a button.

Do you wish to approve or check them beforehand? Search among them, or even automatically/assistedly charge them? INOVIO knows how to do all that, we don’t stop at just data extraction. When we speak of charging invoices, we mean actually charging them, not just uploading them to an accounting server.

Tell us which one you use, and we will reliably link them together. You won’t need to copy documents from one system to another. INOVIO Digital Invoice Approval will do that for you, including checking and billing.

What makes INOVIO Document Data Extraction different from other competitive products?

It automatically builds a digital storage of accounting documents. Give access to people of your choosing, even via your mobile phone.

Expend INOVIO at any time with assisted billing, automatic billing, contracts, orders, etc.

Add additional types of documents, such as contracts, directives, orders, etc.

Always have the solutions with you. In the company or the cloud, it’s up to you.

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