AP automation

A smart digital process from receiving an invoice to entering it into the accounting system

INOVIO will solve the entire process of receiving and approving invoices and is ready for further growth of your company. Automation wherever it is possible. Clear approval, fast and clear communication over taxt documents across the entire company.

  • Automatic retrieval of invoices from collection e-mails and scanners
  • Automatic extraction of data from invoices – the end of manual rewriting!
  • Circulation and convenient approval
  • Cost allocation for projects, centers or activities
  • Export to almost any accounting system and communication with accountatnts

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We have developed the INOVIO system for companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We have verified it in over 100 companies, including international ones.

Work from anywhere, anytime przez 365 days a year

10 years on the market, more than 100+ companies

We are the authors of this program in 100 %

We are a Czechoslovak company

What INOVIO can do with an invoice

Automatic data extraction
Due date alerts and duplicates detection
Document approval using INOVIO FlexiFlow
Assisted accounting
Invoice attachments and internal communication to the invoice
Suitable for holding companies
Linking to orders, contracts and budgets
Connection to your accounting system
Assigning to centres, contracts, activities, ...
Link to Fleet Management
Optional functionality

How does INOVIO work? Purchase invoice approval management


Automatic registration and extraction of the document

  • Automatic retrieval of invoices from e-mails, data storages or scanners
  • Document extraction – automatic recognition of the issuer, prices, recapitulation of VAT, payment and other data with an accuracy of up to 99%.
  • Professional check of the extracted data
  • From the moment the document is extracted in INOVIO, it can be accessed by any authorized user. For each document, you can see who received and approved the invoice and any other possible links to contracts or orders.
  • In-house online storage of accounting documents with a tuned workflow

Start of electronic document circulation

  • Automatic assignment of approvers with the possibility of changing the assignment even during approval process
  • Automatic notifications of approvers by email
  • Approvers can export tabular summaries of documents for their work
  • System requests responses to documents from all authorized users

Procure-to-pay solution

Optional component. INOVIO modules can cover the whole process from budgetary management through purchase order approval management to AP management and integration with your ERP system.

  • Check of the AP and documents according to PO’s, contracts or budgets
  • Assisted accounting of the documents to cost centers, jobs and activities, inc. debit and credit sides
  • Suitable also for holdings and other groupings of companies with joint owners

TIP: Complete the circulation of invoices with other modules from the INOVIO menu and thus get the digitization of other agendas, eg cash documents, cash flow, accounting machine, contracts,… Details here


Smooth cooperation with the economic system and accountants

INOVIO completes the process only after the invoice is transferred to the accounting system:

  • Export of documents to the accounting system, which is started by the accountant as needed, without rewriting
  • Back-loading of data from invoices from the accounting system into INOVIO (eg payment date, internal number)
  • Automatic enforcement of documents from approvers
  • Document storage with a complete history

TIP: Ask our Assisted Accounting from INOVIO.

What makes INOVIO different from other cloud products?


Install anywhere and move anywhere at any time

Purchase sulution

You can purchase a solution at any time

Private cloud

There are no other companies than yours in the INOVIO cloud installation


Ready for current needs and future changes in your company

Assigned consultant

Will set up INOVIO with you and will be available to you

One system, two editions



For who? A small company that wants a system ready for future company changes An ambitious company requiring tailor-made solutions and professional services
The basic difference Fast delivery, tuned standard without custom programming A product for larger companies that adapts to you
Modifications in the form of extensive configuration
Modifications in the form of development of new functionalities
You can be the owner of the system
Operation in a private cloud
Possibility of operation on your own server
Possibility to export data during and after use
Integration with your accounting or ERP system
Browsing via Internet browser, including mobile version
Support, maintenance and updates Yes, included in the regular monthly plan, see price list Yes, included in the regular payment for support services
How long before it starts working for me? Setting up the service within hours or days 6-8 weeks
Possibility to switch between editions Switching to INOVIO DMS is possible Switching back to INOVIO GO is not possible

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