INOVIO Service desk

  • Comprehensive customer service application
  • Effective support of helpdesk employees thanks to workflow and knowledge databases
  • Detailed history and reporting of service cases
  • Interconnected with other modules (Complaint Management, etc.)

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Insert your email address and we’ll send you instructions on how to proceed.

Insert your email address and we’ll send you instructions on how to proceed.

Insert your email address and we’ll send you instructions on how to proceed.

Insert your email address and we’ll send you instructions on how to proceed.

Workflow diagram

Features and benefits

INOVIO Service desk is a simple and effective internet workflow system that will help you systematically resolve any demands that might be raised towards your helpdesk employees by your customers or other workers. The software will be installed by us on either our server or the server of your firm. There’s no need for the user to install anything, You can access our software with an internet browser from your office, home or from a  work trip.

File everything clearly, and in one place.

Users can place questions or demands by phone, filling up a form, or simply by email. Everything is swiftly filed and can be later looked up by both the service desk employees and the applicants in a single communication environment. The system of private and public comments combined with automatic logging of any incidents helps customer service employees prevent conflicts by giving them a perfect overview of individual cases.

Solve everything swiftly

Our advanced workflow system automatically communicates with both users and operators. It keeps an eye on appointments, sends notifications and doesn’t leave any space for postpones or improvisation. Everything according to company policies, priorities or contractual obligations.  Faster customer service makes for happier customers.

Collect data and use them straight away

Answering questions in real time is not always easy for helpdesk employees. INOVIO Service Desk enables the option to automatically create knowledge databases that can be swiftly browsed.

Control and steer the flow of data

Flexible settings and customer service reporting enables a comprehensive manager control of the workload, performance, and results of individual employees or the service department as a whole. Acquire hard data for effective allocation of human resources or decision-making about allocated resources.

You can start within a week

We will install and explain everything within a week from your order! Don’t be afraid of never-ending configuration, testing and looking for latent problems. INOVIO Service desk is a finished product, already verified by many successful installations. The speed of installation will be based around your preparedness alone.

What makes INOVIO different from other competitive products?

Flexible workflow that supports swift solution of demands

Constantly updated knowledge database

No user installation required - 100% web application

Simple and affordable solution for middle to small businesses

Czech software - local support + czech localization

Cost of a typical installation

The cost of installation differs based off of the size of your team, the number of modules installed and the amount of individual adjustments. This price includes the installation, training, and configuration of the product.

Take a closer look at how this module works

We will show it to you in practice online, or in a personal meeting

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Choose your licensing model

Compare licensing models:

INOVIO server
in your possession

INOVIO private cloud
– pay as a subscription service
Basic difference You acquire ownership of the product as an asset INOVIO DMS operates on your own server. You rent the product and pay monthly fees. INOVIO DMS operates on our server.
Economic parameters
Licensing payments The server license is included in the price of the product. You purchase licenses for individual user accounts on an ongoing basis corresponding to your needs. You can transfer inactive licenses to other people. All licenses are valid indefinitely. Both the server license as well as the licenses for individual users are included in your regular monthly payment. You can transfer inactive licenses to other people.
Support services (choose from available service programs) Pay monthly or annually Included in the regular monthly payment.
Expenditure type Depreciations Direct payment, 100% predictable cost
Technical parameters
Installation operates on your server, users do not install anything operates on our server, users do not install anything
Need your own server Yes No
Need your own IT specialists Recommended No
More technical parameters
Integration into your other information systems Yes Yes
Data security Under your control Guaranteed in a secure cloud
Access to INOVIO DMS from anywhere Yes (according to your settings) Yes
Support for your administrator Yes No need
Backup and archiving Up to you guaranteed
Remote intervention in the case of any problems Within two days In the matter of hours
Availability of INOVIO DMS Up to you > 99,8 %*

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