When buying software, companies are pushed into several unnecessary dilemmas and decisions. INOVIO, as one of the few, has many operating options – the customer’s needs are always decisive. With us you will always speak.

Operation in INOVIO private cloud or on your server?

Some companies have a capable IT department and need to have their data “under their own roof”. Others prefer to outsource server operations. INOVIO is ready for both options. We will install the system either on a secure INOVIO private cloud under our administration, or on your server (minimum requirements), where we normally also provide INOVIO service.

Hint: Comparison of the INOVIO Private Cloud and common cloud tools.

Buy or rent?

Both are possible with us. If you prefer a lower ongoing cost in the form of a monthly flat rate, choose a rental. If, on the other hand, you want to obtain permanent rights to use INOVIO or you want to invest effectively at the end of the year, choose to purchase software.

Hint: Do not hesitate to start the lease – you can also buy the software into the property at any time during the lease.

Customization or a quick standard solution?

We operate the basic edition (see Prices) as a standardized product that you can quickly start using. We can modify it at any time when needed. In a situation where even a new configuration will not be enough for you, you can switch to the customized variant (DMS), then we can also make changes and improvements to your installation in the form of custom programming, which can become your competitive advantage.

Active customer support

In all variants, you can rely on our experienced and flexible support, which we offer in two different levels. You submit requirements to us by e-mail or telephone, we will communicate in Czech and English.

Hint: Don’t know what’s right for you? start with INOVIO GO and then you will see. You can always switch to INOVIO DMS continuously.


Common cloud tools

INOVIO private cloud

INOVIO on your server

Installation just for you?
(shared with other clients)
Option to buy
Integrace na jakýkoliv účetní nebo ERP systém  
Portability to your own server at any time, including data  
Customization in the form of development of new functionalities    
(after the purchase
Location of your data It is usually unknown CZ, DE You solve
The solution is intended for Small business without claims A small business that wants a system that will “keep up” A demanding company requiring customized solutions and professional services

Technical requirements for your server

(valid for lower document turnover – hundreds of documents per month)

VPS HW requirements

  • 3x CPU min 3 GHz,
  • min 4GB free RAM,
  • 10 GB of disk space for lower document turnover

VPS SW requirements

  • Linux OS (installed by INOVIO – we will deliver a complete distribution including webserver, etc.)
  • Windows OS (installed by the customer)

Database server (if to be run separately)

  • Any of the following database systems: Microsoft SQL 2014 and higher, Oracle 10g and higher, MySQL 5 and higher and other Hibernate supported DBMS
  • Space for data individually according to the number of documents (approx. 10 GB / year for lower document turnovers).

Technical requirements for workstations

  • 100% web application – no need to install anything on users’ workstations
  • Current Chrome, Edge or Firefox browser

Technical requirements for the scanner

  • Any scanner or multifunction device (for higher scanning speeds – over 1000 pages / month, we recommend document scanners – we will be happy to help you with the selection).
  • Mobile phone scanning applications can also be used

Do not hesitate to contact us with questions and comments!

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