Delivery type

  • INOVIO DMS operates either on yours or on our server
  • You can choose between two ways to license the support and service packages
  • Minimal strain on your IT infrastructure
  • See how to purchase and operate the product.

Typical delivery process

Of course, we will adapt to your options and requirements.

  • You’ll be the one to define our product on the configurator, by yourself or with our help. If you later decide to change the configuration (number of users, connectors, etc.), it will be very simple, and it won’t pose a problem for us.
  • We will provide you with a delivery checklist with instructions on how to prepare your IT infrastructure for installation. We’ll be happy to provide assistance if you encounter any problems.
  • If you at any time consider customizing our product, we will organize a half-day/full-day analytical workshop for you, with the result being a list of edits and customizations that we can add and bill the next day. You can decide which you wish to implement and which not.
  • We’ll agree on the date of installation.
  • We will install and configure the application, then properly train your staff.
  • We can install the prodcut within 3-7 working days after Your declarred readiness.

The beginning and course of use

  • You’ll pay the licence fees (INOVIO Server license), or you start paying (INOVIO Private Cloud licence) after commissioning.
  • You’ll find answers to your questions concerning the operation of INOVIO products in a clearly arranged documentation.
  • You can ask for professional help through our Hotline and Helpdesk services.
  • In the event of any faults or problems, a service team will be at your disposal (see maintenance and support services)

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

INOVIO Private Cloud type of installation

The application operates on our HW resources, so there are no requirements or worries for your IT department.

INOVIO Server (client’s own server) type of installation

The demand on your server’s performance isn’t high. We can install INOVIO on your own server, or a rented one. If your server does not meet the requirements below, you can leave its preparation to us (Server Preparation service).

You can install INOVIO products by yourself, or order it (All inclusive installation service). In the case of the latter, you will receive the product installed, configured and ready for operation, remote operator training included.

You can resolve any questions or problems via our Helpdesk or Hotline.

Server requirements

(Valid for lower document turnovers – hundreds of documents per month)

Hardware requirements

  • Quad-core processor (e.g. intel XEON), at least 2GB free RAM reserved for INOVIO, at least 2GB free space
  • Any operation system
  • Both the application and database server can be operate on a single machine
  • Supported languages: Czech, English (other languages on request)

Application server

  • JDK 7 or higher / JRE 7 or higher
  • Apache Tomcat 7.0 or higher
  • MS SQL 2012, 2014, 2016 or higher

Database server

  • Any of the following: Microsoft SQL 2008, 2012, 2014, Oracle 10g, 11g, 12g, MySQL 5 or higher, Derby and more Hibernate supported DBMS
  • Space for data – individually based around your document turnovers (around 2GB/year for lower document turnovers)

Workstation requirements

  • OS Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Chrome 40 (2015) or higher, Edge, Firefox 38 (2015) or higher
  • PDF viewer browser add-on (usually included)

Scanner requirements

  • Any scanner or multifunction device (for higher scanning speeds – over 1000 pages/month, we recommend document scanners).
  • Output to PDF formats (optimally two-layer PDF because of data extraction), optimally TIFF, PNG GIF, or JPEG.
  • We’ll be happy to advise you on choosing a suitable scanner.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Customer support is included in the two service programs – Business and Professional, which the customer chooses for their product.

The choice of service program is independent of the choice of licensing model. Choose a support program according to your needs. In addition to support programs, we also provide one-time services that you can order when the need arises.

The prices of customer support depend on the number of licenses for a selected INOVIO product.

You can choose the appropriate type of customer support and find out the price in an interactive configurator. You order customer support when purchasing an INOVIO product,and you can extend or change it later. We’ll be happy to help you with the selection of customer support, one-time services and INOVIO configurations.

Types of customer support


customer support


customer support

Customer support ensuring a safe operation of the application Premium customer support with faster response time and discounted rates
Reporting errors in the application into a service form
ORepaires, patches and upgrades  
Installation of patches and upgrades
 Upon an Order  
Hotline (skype + phone)
Contact a consultant (during working hours)
Preferential resolution of service demands
Your service demands take precedence over customers with the BUSINESS type.
Regular prophylactic inspection of the application
(logs, workload, disk space, etc.)
1x a year

20% discount rate for services
(for requested service tasks that are not included in the customer support package)
All types of customer support are provided remotely via the internet (SSH, RDP, skype, teamviewer). Details on the scope and fulfilment of services will be presented to you during a personal meeting.

Do you want a different type of customer support? Contact us, and we will create an individual program just for you.

Service tasks
Preparation of a server for INOVIO
If your server doesn’t meet the technical requirements.
(Not needed for INOVIO Private Cloud)
Installation of patches and upgrades
Remote installation of INOVIO patches and upgrades
Included in the INOVIO Private Cloud and PROFESSIONAL c.s. package.
(Optional for the INOVIO Server and BUSINESS c.s.package.)
Reinstallation of INOVIO, data migration
Move INOVIO from one server to another, data included
(Not needed for INOVIO Private Cloud)
Advanced training
1h training for users, 2h training for app administrators, on-hands training
Customization of INOVIO products around customer requirements (reports, notifications, programming new functions, etc.)
Consultations and development
Analytical, programming and testing services.
Unless otherwise agreed-upon, all service tasks are provided remotely via the internet (SSH, RDP, skype, teamviewer)

Interested in INOVIO products?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. Call +420 608 173 110, or send us an email.

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